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HUMAN: Life in a rapidly changing world, is a dance trio performance about humanity’s struggles against climate change, conflict and unprecedented societal changes. Set in an artificial imitation of the reality of the world, HUMAN: Life in a rapidly changing world, follows a journey of these three young men in their search for hope, solutions, peace and comfort through a physical and dynamic performance containing dance, film projection, motion graphics and music. The piece overlaps between what unfolded on stage on imagined events and zooming on actual world events happening in different parts of the world.

Concept and direction: Samwel Japhet
Choreography and performance: Ulonzi Shabani, Tadhi Alawi and Samwel Japhet
Music Composition: Shabani Mugado
Motion Graphics: Shadrack Maluli
Graphic designer: Shadrack Maluli
Costumes: MERVKI REP
Film shot and edited: Jimmy Mathias
Actors: Mahmoud Mbega, Irene Themistocles
Production: Nantea Dance Company

Premiered: at the 10th edition of KINANI Biennale – International Platform for Contemporary Dance & Biennale De La Danse En Afrique 2023 in Maputo, Mozambique.