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In a poetic composition of dance, music, verbal language and text, the YIN-YANG performance delves into different perspectives of human and social imbalances. The piece uses the contrast between black and white to express the experiences of individuals and the world. The choreography embodies the struggle between the individual and society and shows the dynamics of power in the search for balance in life.

The piece challenges us to embrace our uncomfortable realities and to explore new possibilities and new directions. The choreography shows different levels of the performers’ relationship to the imbalances of the world (from the global to the individual). In this way, each performer confronts their complex realities and their current relationship to the world in which we live.

Conceptualized and Directed by: Tadhi Alawi

Performance: Tadhi Alawi and Samwel Japhet

Duration: 50 Minutes

Music composition: Bandukine and Sigermaxter

Costume Design: Esama AfroCulture

Co-production: TanzLabor ROXY Ulm

Production: Nantea Dance Company

Photos: Flavia Mash Photography